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Sunny Simon Therapy | Washington State Therapist | Couples & Relationships

Couples & Relationships

If you as a couple are interested in therapy as a way to develop powerful communication and understanding of your partner’s experience, I am ready to walk that path with you. 
Sunny Simon Therapy | Washington State Therapist | Couples & Relationships

Relationships take work to thrive. 

What is your relationship agreement today?  How often do you reconsider the outlines of your relationship as life and events change around you?  


Couples have unique needs in therapy.  Each person brings their individual family of origin experience as well as the dreams, beliefs, and experiences the couple have shared.  Your relationship is like any living thing. You each have your individual needs, and the relationship has needs as well. The expectations you each bring into therapy are made up of conscious and unconscious hopes, fears, and defenses.

We will work together to uncover what is working and what is not working. We will look underneath the discomfort to see what triggers and coping strategies are not serving your relationship. We will work together in the therapeutic setting to set down new patterns that are more in line with what you want. It may be that discernment about one or both partner’s desires and needs is necessary. We will name the fears that keep you frozen in patterns of survival energy.   

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